Men Are Slaves

Teaching My Girlfriends – Jessica

The ‘Teaching My Girlfriends’ series has been truly emmence. Jessica the teacher is so hot and so naturally dominant, you can see why she convinces all of her girlfriemds to dominate the men in their lives also.

jessica men are slaves

Teaching My Girlfriends 2
It’s always sad when another such series comes to an end, as this is the last clip in this series. But naturally they must go out with a bang, or a scream in this case. That’s because Jessica decides to revisit whipping with the girls now that they are more comfortable with the concept of men living in subservience and pain. So before they head out they will permanently mark this male with their whip, with both Krissy and Amanda leaving their scars onto his back and Jessica making sure he will never forget the pain he suffered under the hands of these females. That is until some more novice girls needs to be trained again in the future….see Jessica and her Girlfriends in action at Men Are Slaves.

Electrocute The Balls

Princess Jessie is going to have a little bit of fun with the tender balls of her slave. She is fascinated to find out what happens when she electrocutes them.

Princess Jessie zaps balls

femdom zapped balls

I Don’t Need You

Princess Jessie doesn’t need this slave. No, he is but one in a long list of males that she owns but would discard at a moment’s notice if she doesn’t feel the need to own him anymore. To make that point she harshly tortures this slave’s cock by electrocuting it repeatedly. The slave can make the pain stop at any time, after all the door is behind her and he can leave whenever he wants if he wants the pain to stop. The smile on her face though shows that she knows this pet is going nowhere. Even though he knows he means nothing to her, he will stay and suffer to please her because she means everything to him. She smiles because she knows this is one more conquered male to add to her long list of enslaved men, another man for her to own and do with as she wishes even though he understands that ultimately he means nothing to her…..see this scene and much more at Men Are Slaves

Teaching My Girlfriends – Love The Whip

Jessica is amazing in this series of videos where she demonstrates the superiority of the female, and how the lowly male must learn to love the Whip.

girlfriend whips slave

whipping slave

It’s important to show the girls that there is more to owning a man than just torturing him. Sure, torture is important because it keeps male pets obedient. But you have to show women other useful purposes to male ownership like that of the shoe cleaner. The male tongue is particularly well suited to licking high heel shoes clean, all a woman has to do is apply some encouragement from the whip and the slave will learn to lick all her shoes clean as desired. For Amanda and Krissy, this also serves as the perfect introduction to using a whip, something they have never done before. They are a bit rough with it at first as they still learn their technique but that’s ok, Jessica will step them through the basics to get them comfortable with whipping male flesh….see this and more at Men are Slaves

Clean It Up Pig – Princess Leya

When you’re as hot as Princess Leya, the humiliation and dehumanization of slaves is second nature. So far down the chain of life are they, she doesn’t even recognize them as human, she cares even less about their suffering.
Princess Leya

Clean It Up Pig
Princess Leya’s pig is still busy trying to eat food dropped all over the floor. It’s a disgusting task but one fitting for her pig, so she empties his food bowl on the floor giving him more vileness to consume. She is not the patient type of slave owner though and smacks him in the balls for taking too long to eat it all up. Sure she slows him down by dropping some more food on the floor and making him eat some from the bottom of her shoe, but that’s his problem. He needs to eat and eat quickly as the floor needs to be spotless for Princess…see more at Men Are Slaves