Teaching My Girlfriends – Jessica

The ‘Teaching My Girlfriends’ series has been truly emmence. Jessica the teacher is so hot and so naturally dominant, you can see why she convinces all of her girlfriemds to dominate the men in their lives also.

jessica men are slaves

Teaching My Girlfriends 2
It’s always sad when another such series comes to an end, as this is the last clip in this series. But naturally they must go out with a bang, or a scream in this case. That’s because Jessica decides to revisit whipping with the girls now that they are more comfortable with the concept of men living in subservience and pain. So before they head out they will permanently mark this male with their whip, with both Krissy and Amanda leaving their scars onto his back and Jessica making sure he will never forget the pain he suffered under the hands of these females. That is until some more novice girls needs to be trained again in the future….see Jessica and her Girlfriends in action at Men Are Slaves.