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Teaching My Girlfriends – Jessica

The ‘Teaching My Girlfriends’ series has been truly emmence. Jessica the teacher is so hot and so naturally dominant, you can see why she convinces all of her girlfriemds to dominate the men in their lives also. Teaching My Girlfriends … Continue reading

Electrocute The Balls

Princess Jessie is going to have a little bit of fun with the tender balls of her slave. She is fascinated to find out what happens when she electrocutes them. I Don’t Need You Princess Jessie doesn’t need this slave. … Continue reading

Teaching My Girlfriends – Love The Whip

Jessica is amazing in this series of videos where she demonstrates the superiority of the female, and how the lowly male must learn to love the Whip. It’s important to show the girls that there is more to owning a … Continue reading

Brutal Whipping at Men Are Slaves

The brutal whipping never ends at Men Are Slaves

Clean It Up Pig – Princess Leya

When you’re as hot as Princess Leya, the humiliation and dehumanization of slaves is second nature. So far down the chain of life are they, she doesn’t even recognize them as human, she cares even less about their suffering. Clean … Continue reading